“Can’t we all just get along”

Ok, so if you’re one of those people who just doesn’t get along with anyone this is for you.

Perhaps it’s not everyone else you encounter that’s the problem, maybe it’s you. We all have different personalities and granted not everyone is going to like you, but perhaps you have a habit of rubbing people the wrong way when you first meet them, which can only lead to uncomfortable dealings in the future.

Now that I’ve said it nicely, here’s what I really meant: Stop being such a God damn asshole to everyone and you’ll probably find that the attitude you currently get from the world will disappear very suddenly! There’s no way that everyone in the world hates you for no reason… They’ve got a reason, and a damned fine one at that. You’re a jerk! An ass! A bitch! A biatch! In the words of Roger from American Dad! You’re a real “C U Next Tuesday”! Take just a second to reflect on your life and take the big step of admitting that you have a problem…. YOU!!!!!!!


About daws121576

Just a very average guy raised in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, in Canada.
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